Borchard Fellow Authors Medicare Issue Brief

Published in Center News

Catherine Borque, a 2016-17 Borchard Fellow working with Justice in Aging, authored recently an issue brief on how proposed Medicaid cuts will impact Medicare Savings Plans. 

Justice In Aging - Health Network Alert

For low-income older adults who are eligible for Medicare but can’t afford the premiums, co-pays, and deductibles, Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs) have been a lifeline--making it possible for millions to get Medicare-covered care. However, the huge cuts to Medicaid that both the House and Senate ACA-repeal plans propose could cause states to limit participation in the program, causing many to be priced out and lose access to care. MSPs currently reach over 7 million people with Medicare. Many are too poor to afford Medicare but do not qualify for other Medicaid programs. This issue brief discusses how the program is structured and administered and outlines how cuts in Medicaid could force cuts to the program. Read the Brief.